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Announcement on behalf of Holcim Procurement

With the aim to increase the Vendor's data base Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC is inviting to cooperate organizations operating in the following categories:

  1. Industrial equipment and spare parts
  2. Electrical equipment and spare parts
  3. Mechanical equipment and spare parts
  4. Services and materials for construction works
  5. Personal Protective Equipment
  6. Metal, wood, tools and etc.

Interested parties can send their company profile to e-mail address with the subject "New Vendor-Holcim Azerbaijan".

The companies that meet the requirements of Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC will be requested for additional info.

To the attention of Holcim (Azerbaijan) OJSC's shareholders

The Annual General Meeting of Holcim (Azerbaijan) Open Joint Stock Company's Shareholders will be held on the 15th of March 2018 at 10.00 a.m. The address: Guba Hall in Hyatt Regency Meeting and Conference Center, Baku city, Az - 1065, 1033 Izmir street. Agenda of Annual General Meeting of Holcim (Azerbaijan) Open Joint Stock Company:

  1. Election the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of the Holcim (Azerbaijan) Open Joint-Stock Company
  2. Approval of changes in the membership of the Supervisory Council
  3. Approval of changes in the Charter of Holcim (Azerbaijan) Open Joint Stock Company
  4. Approval of annual report of Holcim (Azerbaijan) Open Joint-Stock Company on financial results for 2017


New and unique cement from Holcim Azerbaijan already on the market!

New Optimal (300) cement was launched on July 18, 2017. Its uniqueness is in its composition. To illustrate, customers will definitely be able to plaster 20% more space with the same 40kq cement bag. Similarly, new cement will also ease mason’s work. With at least 25% less time, it gets mixed with any type of sand, with its stronger stickiness it decreases cement waste by 30%, and finally achieves 60% more fast early strength.

Professional approach has been applied to the preparation of the cement too. Especially taking into consideration of feedbacks and desires of local masons, and also with the tremendous efforts of LH corporate experts, breathing technology has been implemented. This is the first ever made technology in cement industry in Azerbaijan which will allow walls to ‘’breath’’. Due to this advancement in technology, moisture will escape through evaporation and keep the wall dry all the time.

This cement will be indispensable option for masons.

Masons know better!

Hədiyyələr öz sahiblərinə təqdim edildi

12-15 fevral 2017-ci tarixdə Holcim Plus Proqramı çərçivəsində toplanılan rəmzlər üzrə ilk hədiyyələr öz sahiblərinə təqdim edildi.

Bakı və Sumqayıt şəhərlərində baş tutan tədbirdə tikinti bazarında olan pərakəndə satış müştəriləri iştirak etmişdir. Onlara proqramı üstünlükləri barədə ətraflı məlumat verildi və şirkət nümayəndəsi tərəfindən onlara hədiyyələr təqdim olundu. Daha sonra digər hədiyyələr müştərilərə bir başa onların fəaliyyət göstərdiyi tikinti materialları bazarlarında  təqdim edildi. 

Holcim Azərbaycan bütün müştərilərini proqrama qoşulmağa dəvət edir. Daha çox rəmz daha çox hədiyyə qazandırır. 


To the attention of Holcim (Azerbaijan) OJSC's shareholders:

The Annual General Meeting of Holcim (Azerbaijan) Open Joint Stock Company's Shareholders shall take place on the 16th of March 2017 at 10.00 a.m. The address: Hyatt Regency Meeting and Conference Center, Baku city, Az - 1065, 1033 Izmir street. The agenda of the meeting has been sent to the shareholders together with the notification.

Even water can’t run through us: Good news to customers from "Holcim Azerbaijan"


Holcim company offers to customers moisture proof and waterproof cement bags for the first time on the construction market of Azerbaijan. There is a significant advantage of these matchless bags. The main feature distinguishing them from others is their 2 hours sustainability to heavy rain and 12 hours remaining on the moisture surface. These bags eliminates the problems which customers constantly face in the fields of construction during the rainy and wet weather conditions. Waterproof natured paper prevents moisture from entering to inside and thereby neither cement is lost, nor cement loses its quality. The bags manufactured with new technology are eight times more durable than conventional bags in wet and humid conditions.

Holcim has already applied its international experience to France, Bulgaria and other countries.

It is possible to select more easily waterproof Holcim Spesial pouch product with special umbrella sign reflected on bags. In the future, on the eve of autumn-winter season it is scheduled to use of these bags in other Holcim pouch products. So, by getting these bags both cement sellers and users will get rid of a loss and waste and will be able to save their money.


Holcim Azerbaijan celebrated the Armed Forces Day with the visit of Memorial devoted to martyrs


Holcim (Azerbaijan) celebrated the Armed Forces Day with visit of the Memorial devoted to the martyrs just after the renovation works. This memorial is devoted for 7 previous employees of the company, who fought during the Garabagh war.

At this event Management of Holcim (Azerbaijan), over 30 military officers working at the Company, as well as the community members from Sahil and Umid settlements were taking part.

The Management Board member, Mr. Ali Huseynov  opened the event with the welcome speech. Sole of martyrs was held with one minute of silence. It was mentioned day, the road to 98th anniversary of the Army was not easy, but proud for the country.

Later on, the military officers working at Holcim shared their intentions.

Holcim (Azerbaijan) is always next to inhabitants of Garadag region and supports them permanently.

Sorry, there is no translation for this news-article.

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Holcim (Azerbaijan) OJSC will take place on the 10th of March 2016, at 14:00 p.m. at the Ballroom located at the first floor of the Boulevard Hotel Baku, Khatai district, Khagani Rustamov street 4C, AZ1010, Baku, Azerbaijan.

National Holcim Award winners was announced


Holcim has announced the winners of National Holcim Award Competition held under the slogan of “Sustainable construction”. This competition was organized by the Holcim Foundation within the scope of the global Holcim Awards competition. It was not only the contest of innovative and vanguard ideas; all projects were based on 5 key principles of sustainable construction: progress, population, planet, prosperity and proficiency. The winners received awards in three categories: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The projects submitted to the National Holcim Award were assessed by respectable jury and experts.

Who are the winners?

The Multi-storey Garden Project won the Gold prize. The primary goal of the project is to grow vegetables and to carry out experimental laboratory functions in the same building. It is expected to be implemented in the centre of the city This would play the role of a vegetable museum for the public. In his presentation, the project author Ilgar Aliyev noted: “As construction capabilities advance, the art, social and ecological spheres integrate to each other. Support given for such projects reveals higher rank of Azerbaijan among the advanced countries of Europe”.

The Silver prize was awarded to the project for creation of a hybrid system for electric power and gas supply of the village of Khinalig in Guba Region by use of alternative energy sources. The project provides design and construction of hybrid Sun-Biogas plants for hot water service and gas supply for population in Khinalig village (220 houses or 1800 consumers). As many-branched sources of energy, Biogas may be used not only for the purpose of direct heating and lighting but also may be converted into electric and mechanical energy. The prize was presented to the project author Farhad Aliyev.

The PV system connection project which provides installation of solar-powered waste treatment facilities in Salyan region won the Bronze prize. The project is aimed to install water treatment facility based on solar power. This will provide a room for demand of people to drinkable water. Overall, the impact of this project will be not only in Salyan region, but rather is all regions with lack of drinkable water supply. The project author is Fagan Aliyev.

In addition to prize-winning projects, the project on methods of enhancement Portland cement sulphate resistance by Irada Shirinzada also selected special laureate of the award. It is conducted through modified combination of fine grounded mineral supplement and plasticizer with increase of cement stone and sulphate resistance of concrete.

Based on 100-years of experience, we not only introduce advanced technology and high operational standards into the country, but also create added value delivering services to our partner organizations.

Holcim Azerbaijan consolidates safety culture among the employees by organizing “Safety Day”





Holcim Azerbaijan has joined to the “Safety Day” which has been organized within all Holcim ONEurope. For consolidating safety culture and providing safe working conditions, Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC has organized Safety Day among the employees devoted to Vehicle and Traffic Safety.

The campaign was organized within the plant area through an interactive program. The following topics were addressed: pedestrians and children safety; road safety; vehicle safety; driving safety; night driving and blind spots.

The topics have not been selected by chance. The daily observation of the traffic incidents, accidents addressed in the mass media and official statistics prove the relevance of these problems. As Holcim we take care of employees and can not remain indifferent to this problem.

According to Afgan Asgarov, OH&S officer, "the health of ourselves and the others start from taking responsibility for your own and the others. Carrying out propaganda among the employees and increasing their knowledge are always based on our monitoring commitments.”

Holcim takes care of all employees and strives to become the employer of the first choice.


Social dialogue journey of Holcim Azerbaijan


August 27, 2014: Holcim Azerbaijan has ten years of successful and trusted partnership with the Trade Union. Within this commitment, this year the company has renewed its Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the Trade Union.

Holcim aims to be the employer of the first choice in Azerbaijan. According to Mr. Papazov,General Director of Holcim Azerbaijan, “Employees are the main assets of the company and we prove continuous attention for the employees with the current agreement. As a part of this agreement, Holcim Azerbaijan will provide the new opportunities towards enhancing social welfare and improving work conditions".

As an international company operating in Azerbaijan, Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC is in compliance with the local laws and requirements. We will permanently strengthen the existing social dialogue between the company management and Trade Union on the basis of employee engagement process. As an example, Holcim Azerbaijan continues to provide annual medical insurance to its employees and their family members, as well as many other benefits on the top of legally required areas.

Moreover, Holcim’s Corporate Social Responsibility is aimed to improve the life quality of employees, their families and local communities.

Holcim Azerbaijan always provides support to its employees for career development, social welfare and health.

Meeting with cement dealers in regions of Azerbaijan

Starting from the August 25, 2014, for the entire week Holcim Azerbaijan has arranged meetings with the cement sales dealers in different regions of Azerbaijan.

The first event was in Masalli. At this meeting, information about the special types of cement, more precisely, Garadagh Optimal and Garadagh Special, as well as new corporate approaches towards the customer excellence were shared. In addition, experts gave more detailed information regarding the proper application of cement types in different weather conditions.

According to Mirza Aliyev, Marketing specialist at Holcim Azerbaijan, “proper application of cement influences the quality of construction. We do not want our customers to face any difficulties. For this reason, the arranged meetings with cement dealers will bring positive results for both parties.”

The participant dealers have also mentioned the importance of these events. Quoting Mr. Misir, a shop owner, “the shared thoughts about the proper application of cement, as well as relevant networking, will add an extra value to our daily business”.

The set of meetings will be conducted in Sabirabad, Barda, Shamkir, Zagatala, Ismayilli and Guba.

Holcim Azerbaijan is always next to its customers by understanding their needs and offering support.

A new memorandum between Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction and Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC

19 may 2014 - Today Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction and Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC.

Creation of a new platform is value added for the cement industry of Azerbaijan. The students will grasp relevant knowledge and skills based on 100 years of experience in cement production.

Under this memorandum Holcim Azerbaijan will provide resources for training and workshops, as well as conduct plant tour for the students, introduce University professors with the state-of-art technology; thus, create pool of professionals in cement industry. Students of the University will be able to sharpen knowledge and understanding with practice in modern plant. Overall, the exchange of benefits will consolidate share of practice and theoretical understanding in cement application.

Holcim Azerbaijan continues to be the most respected and attractive company in this industry by creating value for all stakeholders.

Holcim - over 100 years of world experience in cement production! 

New opportunity for manufacturers of reinforced concrete structures and pavings

To be closer for the customers and respond to their expectations, now Holcim is going to bring to the market its high-quality bulk cement “Garadagh Ekspert” in bags.

“Every consumer’s opinion is valuable for us. Sale of this cement in bags will enable small and medium sized consumers to purchase in required volumes", noted Elnur Gurbanov, Manager of Customer Care department.

Garadagh Expert cement is mainly used in production of extra-strong concrete for reinforced concrete structures, insulating and paving materials and in other fields.

Conducted laboratory tests show that the main advantage of Ekspert cement is creation of favourable conditions for producers of products requiring high strength.

It should be noted that Garadagh Cement was re-branded to Holcim (Azerbaijan); and the Company began to supply Garadag Spesial, Optimal and Ekspert products in bags, as well as Solid, Ekspert, Expert Plus brands in bulk.

Bearing in mind customers’ expectations, Holcim continues to apply advanced standards and innovative methods for further improvement of quality of their products.


Holcim - 100 years of experience in cement production! 


Holcim created a new center for development of youth in Garadagh region


March 13, 2014 (Baku) – Holcim Azerbaijan opened a new Youth Development Center in Umid settlement of Garadagh district.

The Center was opened with participation of distinguished guests – Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Intigam Babayev, Head of Garadagh Executive Power, Mr. Suleyman Mikayilov and General Director of Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC, Mr. Rossen Papazov, which show high interest for development of youth and youth related issues in Garadagh region.

The Youth Development Center aims to become key asset for providing opportunities to learn, to lead and to develop. It will contribute for increasing educational level and creating favorable social conditions among the youth of Umid settlement.

A new library, English language and Computer courses, leadership and internship programs, painting and sewing classes is introduced for the first time in this community.

Furthermore, the Center is a unique place for socializing and networking with the new people outside of closed circle. It will enhance best practices with share of information and creating a platform for channelling opportunities to learn and contribute for community well-being.

The Youth Development Center was established for increasing quality of life of the workforce, their families and the communities around operation.


Holcim - over 100 years of world experience in cement production 

Notification - Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Holcim (Azerbaijan) OJSC will take place on March 14, 2014 at 10.00 a.m at Hyatt Meeting and Conference Center, “Guba” Ballroom, located in: Baku city, Bakikhanov Street 1.


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