To the attention of Shareholders of Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC Announcement



Appropriate measures have been taken by Azerbaijan Government for to prevent the spread of the rapidly spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in the territory of Azerbaijan Republic. As a result of the measures taken, the pandemic situation in the country has been brought under control, and the number of cases of human infection with the COVID-19 virus has been reduced.


During the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic Holcim (Azerbaijan) has taken extraordinary measures in its operations to protect its employees, partners and third parties.


However, it should be noted that currently the COVID-19 infection has not been completely eradicated and the pandemic continues. In this regard, holding mass events and gathering people in groups is risky for their lives and health and can lead to the spread of the virus.


Therefore, given the importance of people's life and health is the most important issue, the management of Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC has decided to postpone the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Holcim (Azerbaijan) Open Joint Stock Company scheduled for 03.06.2020 to an indefinite date, in order to not create opportunities to the spread of the virus and dangerous consequences.


The date of the general meeting will be determined in the coming months, taking into account the spread of the infection situation and restriction measures in the country.


Additional information due the next date of the Annual General Meeting will be provided in media.


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