Corporate governance


Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct establishes a common and consistent framework across our global organization for how we will achieve our mission and goals. It provides direction and clarification in how we conduct our daily business. High business ethics and personal integrity ensure our credibility and reputation as a Group. 


1.Integrity in the workplace


Health and Safety (H& S)

  • At LafargeHolcim we strive to create a healthy and safe environment for our employees, contractors, customers, and stakeholders. Nobody should get injured while working with or for us. Our goal is zero harm to people. To achieve this, we need the commitment of everyone.
    Diversity, fairness, and respect

Diversity, fairness, and respect

  • As a global company employing over 115,000 people and operating with production sites in around 90 countries worldwide, LafargeHolcim is fortunate to have an incredibly diverse workforce.

Protection of our company assets

  • All employees are responsible for protecting our company assets and using good judgment to ensure that physical and intellectual property as well as financial assets are not damaged, stolen, misused or wasted.

Information systems, email, and social media

  • Technology in the workplace enables us to serve our customers ever more efficiently. We rely on it to support our processes and interactions around the globe.


2. Integrity in business practices

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption

  • We will not utilize bribery and corruption in conducting our business. We will not offer or provide, either directly or indirectly, any undue pecuniary or other advantage for the purpose of obtaining, retaining, directing or securing any improper business advantage.

Gifts and Hospitality

  • We are prohibited from offering, soliciting or accepting gifts and donations related to our business. However, entertainment and gifts of insignificant monetary value arising out of ordinary corporate hospitality are acceptable. Donations for or social purposes are permitted only within the limits of local laws and in complete transparency.

Fair Competition

  • We respect the principles and rules of fair competition prohibiting anticompetitive behaviors and the abuse of a dominant market position.

Accurate recording and Reporting

  • All business transactions are recorded in a true, fair and timely fashion. In accordance with established procedures, appropriate accounting systems, controls and audits, we ensure the reliability and accuracy of our accounts, records and reports.

Conflict of Interest

  • In situations in which our personal or financial interests may conflict materially with those of Holcim, we are expected to fully disclose them. We shall not take part in any business activities of Holcim where we may be influenced by our personal relations that are, or may be, construed as a hindrance to objective decision taking. If we see ourselves in a potential conflict of interest, we shall seek advice from line management or from our legal counsel so that an appropriate solution can be found.

Insider Trading

  • Each of us who has access to insider information likely to result in substantial movements in the price of the stock or any other financial instruments of an involved company shall comply with applicable insider trading laws.

Conducting international business

  • LafargeHolcim is represented in many markets and many regions around the world, and therefore operates subject to the laws and regulations of different legal systems.

Preventing money laundering

  • It is our objective to do business with reputable business partners who conduct lawful business activities and whose funds come from legitimate sources.

3. Integrity in community


  • As responsible citizens we are all aware of our continuing obligations towards the environment, and the need for active engagement to protect and enhance our natural resources. We commit to minimize the negative impact and maximize the positive impact to nature.

Human rights

  • We are committed to respecting and protecting human rights wherever we conduct business.

Community engagement

  • LafargeHolcim strives to be a trusted corporate citizen and to fulfill its responsibilities to the communities in which it operates.
  • We seek to do this by contributing through investment and engagement, and building relationships based on mutual respect and trust with all stakeholders in the community.
  • We demonstrate respect for people and the planet and ask all our employees to consider, when making business decisions, the short- and long-term impacts on the community and the environment.