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Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC is the first cement manufacturer in Azerbaijan. Our production capacity, quality products, and customer-friendly business conduct support us in maintaining our leading position in the market. Nevertheless, we continuously revise our sales and distribution system as per our commitment to improving and implementing best practice.

Holcim rebranded its product portfolio to Optimal, Expert, Special due to offering user friendly packages. This enables our customers to remember the types of products easily.
All products of Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC are produced according to EN 197-1: 2000 European standard. It has been translated to azeri language and accepted by the Standardization, Metrology and Patents State Committee under the name AZS 411-2010 (EN 197-1: 2000). At the same time sulfate-resistant cement types produced by the company in compliance with the applicable standard GOST 22266-94 certificates were approved. Our products are periodically tested in various laboratories (Cement Manufacturers Association of Turkey, Cemiscon Company in Russia, CTL Group the US testing center), to be certified to the requirements of our clients.


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Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC 

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