Holcim Academy

Holcim Academy is a center for professional cement-based mixture skills training, founded by Holcim Azerbaijan. The center will allow everyone, both skilled workers already working in this field, as well as specialists from other professions, to improve their skills or to master such professions that are in demand on the market like a plasterer, bricklayer, concrete worker, and etc. The best experts with international experience will be involved in the training.


The special feature of the Center is to provide information on the use of innovative technologies, new building materials, and application areas, which will increase the income of craftsmen as well as their professionalism. Here craftsmen who want to master such professions like plasterer and bricklayer will be able to attend free practical training and seminars and master new profession, and this, in its turn, will help to reduce unemployment. And the most important is that, participants are allowed to choose topics from the topic list of trainings and seminars prepared beforehand, as well as suggest any new topic they are interested in.


The training program covers the following topics:

  • The introduction of mechanized methods of processing and application of cement mixtures which help to achieve higher productivity
  • Increasing the level of technical knowledge and quality of work of people involved in the provision of services for laying walls and partitions, plastering and small concrete works
  • Training of modern cement mixture use technologies
  • Professional theoretical and practical courses for beginners
  • Assistance in finding and attracting potential customers
  • Training in safety regulations during works

Holcim invites everyone to cooperate with it!