Real golden coins in 1000 bags campaign from Holcim Azerbaijan!

4 June 2018


Real golden coins in 1000 bags campaign from Holcim Azerbaijan

Buy New Spesial 400 cement now and have 14-karat (585)  1 gram gold souvenir with Holcim’s company name and logo. The stimulating lottery is continued and the last day is  31 December 2018.

Buy New Spesial 400 and  find winning plastic coupons that contains information about “Golden Coins Campaign” and have 1 gram golden souvenir.

Persons who find coupons can contact the manufacturer through the hotline 051 250 54 54  or  *1010

The deadline of accepting of plastic coupons will be continued 90 days after finishing date of lottery.

After checking the 8 (eight) randomly code on the coupon, the prize will be awarded to the owner no later than 7 (seven) business days from the date of receipt of the winning coupons by the lottery organizer.

Buy more New Spesial 400 now and get more opportunities!


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