New Spesial 400 already on the market!



  Holcim Azerbaijan which joins Swiss accuracy and French aesthetics has presented a new unique product to construction market.

Holcim Azerbaijan company, being a world leader in cement industry, has introduced a new Spesial Cement to its customers. The company, trying to satisfy its customers all the time with new products, has launched the improved specially designed cement based on the Swiss formula and introduced it in the market.


We would like to remind you that the company introduced the New Optimal 300 product to its customers last year.


The new Spesial Cement is easy to cope with all types of construction work, such as foundation, concrete, interior and exterior plaster. This product, which includes such factors as easy mixing, high initial strength, and less water consumption, requires less cost and guarantees the perfect result.


A new ingredient  produced on the basis of special professionalism by specialists and Swiss formula enables the increase of product’s flowability (plasticity) and the reduction of cracks in concrete and plaster.


The new product gives smoothness on the surface of the plasterboard, and also has a positive effect on the non-appearance of cracks in the interior and exterior plaster and on the under floor layers. Now, cement users will be able to do their job faster and more professionally thanks to these above-mentioned factors.


Because the new product will help to reduce the appearance of cracks in concrete and plaster on average of 40 . In this case, both masters and homeowners will be pleased with the perfect result.


Now you will achieve the perfect result with new spesial.

Build foundation of tomorrow together.


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