New and unique cement from Holcim Azerbaijan already on the market!

18 July 2017


New Optimal (300) cement was launched on July 18, 2017. Its uniqueness is in its composition. To illustrate, customers will definitely be able to plaster 20% more space with the same 40kq cement bag. Similarly, new cement will also ease mason’s work. With at least 25% less time, it gets mixed with any type of sand, with its stronger stickiness it decreases cement waste by 30%, and finally achieves 60% more fast early strength.


Professional approach has been applied to the preparation of the cement too. Especially taking into consideration of feedbacks and desires of local masons, and also with the tremendous efforts of LH corporate experts, breathing technology has been implemented. This is the first ever made technology in cement industry in Azerbaijan which will allow walls to ‘’breath’’. Due to this advancement in technology, moisture will escape through evaporation and keep the wall dry all the time.


This cement will be indispensable option for masons.

Masons know better!