National Holcim Award winners was announced

2 September 2015

Holcim has announced the winners of National Holcim Award Competition held under the slogan of “Sustainable construction”. This competition was organized by the Holcim Foundation within the scope of the global Holcim Awards competition. It was not only the contest of innovative and vanguard ideas; all projects were based on 5 key principles of sustainable construction: progress, population, planet, prosperity and proficiency. The winners received awards in three categories: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The projects submitted to the National Holcim Award were assessed by respectable jury and experts.

Who are the winners?

The Multi-storey Garden Project won the Gold prize. The primary goal of the project is to grow vegetables and to carry out experimental laboratory functions in the same building. It is expected to be implemented in the centre of the city This would play the role of a vegetable museum for the public. In his presentation, the project author Ilgar Aliyev noted: “As construction capabilities advance, the art, social and ecological spheres integrate to each other. Support given for such projects reveals higher rank of Azerbaijan among the advanced countries of Europe”.

The Silver prize was awarded to the project for creation of a hybrid system for electric power and gas supply of the village of Khinalig in Guba Region by use of alternative energy sources. The project provides design and construction of hybrid Sun-Biogas plants for hot water service and gas supply for population in Khinalig village (220 houses or 1800 consumers). As many-branched sources of energy, Biogas may be used not only for the purpose of direct heating and lighting but also may be converted into electric and mechanical energy. The prize was presented to the project author Farhad Aliyev.

The PV system connection project which provides installation of solar-powered waste treatment facilities in Salyan region won the Bronze prize. The project is aimed to install water treatment facility based on solar power. This will provide a room for demand of people to drinkable water. Overall, the impact of this project will be not only in Salyan region, but rather is all regions with lack of drinkable water supply. The project author is Fagan Aliyev.

In addition to prize-winning projects, the project on methods of enhancement Portland cement sulphate resistance by Irada Shirinzada also selected special laureate of the award. It is conducted through modified combination of fine grounded mineral supplement and plasticizer with increase of cement stone and sulphate resistance of concrete.

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