Even water can’t run through us: Good news to customers from "Holcim Azerbaijan"

13 December 2016

Holcim company offers to customers moisture proof and waterproof cement bags for the first time on the construction market of Azerbaijan. There is a significant advantage of these matchless bags. The main feature distinguishing them from others is their 2 hours sustainability to heavy rain and 12 hours remaining on the moisture surface. These bags eliminates the problems which customers constantly face in the fields of construction during the rainy and wet weather conditions. Waterproof natured paper prevents moisture from entering to inside and thereby neither cement is lost, nor cement loses its quality. The bags manufactured with new technology are eight times more durable than conventional bags in wet and humid conditions.

Holcim has already applied its international experience to France, Bulgaria and other countries.

It is possible to select more easily waterproof Holcim Spesial pouch product with special umbrella sign reflected on bags. In the future, on the eve of autumn-winter season it is scheduled to use of these bags in other Holcim pouch products. So, by getting these bags both cement sellers and users will get rid of a loss and waste and will be able to save their money.