Holcim Azerbaijan offers new solution for sustainable waste management



10th Azerbaijan International Environmental anniversary exhibition, which covers such topics as environmental protection, conservation of natural resources and recycling of materials has started its work. Holcim Azerbaijan joined the exhibition with its innovative solutions and will demonstrate its capabilities and methods related to the utilization of tires and oil sludge. This technology is applied at the 180 cement plants in 50 countries, which are all parts of the LafargeHolcim Group  and presented at the exhibition under the Geocycle brand.


Bringing international experience in the field of waste management, Holcim Azerbaijan actively working on solutions for Azerbaijan’s solid waste challenges bringing a long-term management solution which is in compliance with environmental regulations. The proposed solution ensures to cut down on liabilities associated with landfilling, improve waste utilization, capabilities and contribute to a cleaner living environment. This method, which is innovative, cost-effective and ecologically superior, can be implemented at Holcim’s Garadagh cement plant with an additional investment.


Holcim Azerbaijan has already taken several successful steps related to the implementation of the above-mentioned proposals. In October-December last year, the first utilization tests were carried out with oil sludge and tires, and an independent laboratory took the relevant analyses. According to the results, the emissions generated during the joint utilization of processed tire and oil sludge were below the accepted norm, which shows that this project is ecologically effective.





Geocycle is one of the leading global operators of waste management services, which is part of the lafargeHolcim group. Our approach is to find the most cost-effective, sustainable solutions to minimizing and repurposing waste of our customers and society at large. https://www.geocycle.com/



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