Sustainable community development


Employment center

Since August, 2011, for contributing to quality of life of community inhabitants and families around operation, Holcim (Azerbaijan) OJSC launched the Employment Center. The Center targets inhabitants of Sahil and Umid communities and provides the following services:
- Determination of current vacation in the labor market of Azerbaijan
- Tips for successful interviews
- Workshops on targeted social assistance
- Labor rights  

Since establishment until May, 2013, more than 1000 local inhabitants were beneficiaries. More than 800 people took part at training and seminars, over 140 people got jobs and 60 people received State support funding.



Dialogue between the stakeholders

Community Advisory Panel (CAP) is a productive mechanism to bring together the community inhabitants for addressing the local issues on a regular basis. CAP is identified as an institution that enables to generate trust among all key stakeholders and willing to serve as convener of the dialogue. It provides opportunities to build a strong relationship between the plant and the community.


Support for the rehabilitation center of disabled children

For more than 10 years, social integration program of children with special needs is conducted by “Musfiq” Center for Rehabilitation of Children. The aim of the program is to create opportunities for independent life through exposing abilities of children. It targets 80 children at this Center. In addition, special mobile services are conducted for disable children of Garadagh. Since 2011, Holcim (Azerbaijan) is the primary supporter of this organization.

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The  first social partnership between private business sector - state authority and ngo’s

"Garadagh Cement" OJSC put the milestones for contributing to the development of civil society in cooperation with the Council of State Support to NGOs under the President of Azerbaijan Republic. Within this project cooperation with 33 NGOs has been conducted based on below streams: 
- preparation of professional NGO human resources in public relations activities
- analyzing and recommending on issues related to infectious diseases
- support to social issues.

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