Support to education


Vocational training for the youth of Sahil community

Holcim (Azerbaijan) and Community Advisory Panel decided implementation of Vocational School for the youth of Sahil community. The program carried two main objectives – to prepare skilled employees for the construction sector and to reduce the unemployment level among the youth. 30 people took part at following training: masonry, electrician, PVC doors and windows assembling, as well as implementation of OH&S at work place. Participants successfully completing 2 month of training program worked at the construction sector for 1 month as apprentices under the supervision of area engineer. The project was implemented in cooperation with “Dirchalish – Economic Research Center” (local NGO).


Business education for school students

In September 2010, Garadagh Cement OJSC and Junior Achievement Azerbaijan, in strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education, launched the School Business Education Program (SBE) in Sahil and Umid settlements of Baku. In between of September 2010 – October 2011, more than 940 students enrolled on economics and business management courses.

At this program, students from N253, 273, 228 and 319 schools and N14 boarding school of Sahil settlement and N294 from Umid settlement were participating. 6 teachers were trained on subject areas, 1000 “Economics” books were allocated among the participant students and conducted business and entrepreneurship competitions.   


Public health-awareness program

Raising the awareness of the community about A-H1N1 virus. Providing information about the preventive measures against the virus. Community members were informed about the World Health Organization’s recommendations concerning the prevention of the A-H1N1 virus spread.