Protecting 30 trees per year

Through efficient use of natural resources, support to environmental protection of Garadagh region is part of Holcim values. Since April of 2013, Holcim (Azerbaijan) employees launched re-cycle of the waste paper at the plant and the city office by involvement of a local company.

It should be noted that papermaking is more power-intensive in comparison with the glass or steel production. So, recycling one ton of paper can save 15 big trees or up to 3 tons of wood, 25 tons of water, 238 liters of oil and 4100 kWh (15 GJ) of electricity.

Holcim (Azerbaijan) is the leading company contributing to the country’s environmental protection.


Greening the region

Holcim (Azerbaijan) employees celebrated Centennial of the Company with ‘planting trees and greening the area’ volunteering action in Garadagh region of Azerbaijan.

This volunteering action was organized in an extraordinary way. 150 employees planted over 450 trees for contributing to enlargement of the green space in this region. The new area will be enlarged with additional trees in the upcoming years. For this event, more than 1200 hours have been allocated for cleaning, watering and planting purposes with targeting two communities – Sahil and Umid of Garadagh region.

Overall, Holcim in Azerbaijan is a leading company for promoting sustainable development and achieving for successful environmental records.