Charity & donation


Healthy vision

This project provides a room for protection of health care and preventive measures for ophthalmic diseases. Low-income level inhabitants, people from Umid and Sahil settlements and Holcim (Azerbaijan) employees were participating. With the ophthalmic treatment, the project partly solved many relevant problems of the patients. In addition, visual refraction was conducted and glasses were distributed to appropriate patients. Around 270 people were covered within this project. The project is conducted each year.


Greeting people on Hajj pilgrimage and Gurban, Novruz and New year holidays

Holcim (Azerbaijan) believes in showing respect to the national and religious roots of employees and supporting the social welfare of local people. Creating value for religious and national traditions and for all our stakeholders, and responsible and active participation in the development of the local community is of key importance for us.


Congratulations to former employees 

As part of our support to previous plant employees, the Directors celebrate 70th, 75th, 80th, 85th anniversary jubiliars.


Swiss culture days in Azerbaijan

In order to develop cultural relations and intercultural exchange between Azerbaijan and Switzerland, several Swiss Culture Days have been held in Azerbaijan. These days have provided people with the opportunity to receive a cultural-musical demonstration from various Swiss music bands and have once again demonstrated the importance of contributions from private enterprises towards the implementation of such programs.

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Publication of the "selected works" of Sara Nazirova in English

The publication of the "Selected works" of Sara Nazirova in English has enabled the promotion of Azerbaijani literature and culture to English-speaking readers, and provideded an opportunity for the readers who are interested in Azerbaijani culture and history with a good opportunity to learn more about both the creativity of the author and Azerbaijani culture in general.