Holcim Cement Center


For supporting the partners, Holcim (Azerbaijan) initiated the first customer center in construction industry of the country: companies who are interested and involved in concrete and mortar production, factors influencing their quality are welcomed to be the members of the newly created Holcim Cement Center.

On October 5, during the opening ceremony of the center, current and prospective customers of Holcim, project designers from national and international organizations, as well as, the students of the Azerbaijan University of Construction and Architecture have been invited to be the members of the center. The participants were introduced with the activities and benefits of the membership.

The participants received detailed information about the benefits for being members of the Center: 
• Acquisition of knowledge about new production technologies in concrete industry
• Possibility to solve the current and potential problems in concrete and mortar production
• Awareness about standards and other normative documents and guidelines
• Optimization of the production

The activity scope of the center ranges from different trainings, workshops, forums and other in-group discussions conducted by local and international experts.
• Trainings – about proper production (according to standard requirements) of concrete and mortar, and factors influencing their quality
• Workshops – solving problems that the concrete and mortar producers may face
• Forums – current and future development trends of the concrete and mortar industry
• Presentations – allowing the members to introduce their recent technical achievements and projects
• Events – special business and entertainment events.