Logistics play an important part in the Value Chain of any company and directly influence the production and sales process. In the cement industry, supply of raw materials on time and in the required quantities to the production facilities and the delivery of cement products to customers on time and with same quality primarily depend upon effective logistics management.

In general, cement is delivered to customers in bulk or bag form, depending on the request. Bagged cement is transported in large trucks, while bulk cement is carried in special cement trucks. 1 cement truck can transport up to 27 tonnes of cement. It should be mentioned that 67% of the Holcim (Azerbaycan) OJSC’s truck fleet meet the safety and emission requirements of the Euro 3 standard. Additionally, GPS (Global Positioning System) is installed in all cement trucks which transport our products from plant to customer. This enables the monitoring of vehicles in transit and the controlling of the transportation process.

Recommendations from the Logistics department to customers on how to receive cement:
1. Check the way-bill;
2. Check the time needed to cover the distance between plant and customer;
3. Inform the plant dispatcher (012 - 4461624) or regional sales managers if there are any doubts about cement delivery, or any problems with trucks or drivers;
4. Check the number and quality of bags, and the accuracy of plombs;
5. Fill, sign, and stamp the relevant parts of the way-bill: in case of complaints and notes mention these in the way-bill copy of the driver;
6. Unload the cement at the address mentioned on the way-bill;


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