National Holcim Awards


Operating under the Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC, Holcim Foundation held "National Awards" contest between architects, engineers and students of Construction University in 2014.


The competition seeks projects that demonstrate an ability to stretch conventional notions about sustainable building and also balance environmental, social and economic performance. In this competition ware introduced projects which joined to Regional Holcim Awards competition. The competition was held based on 5 project. new construction materials,

• Design and building systems,
• Construction technology and process,
• Efficient use of energy,
• Stakeholder participation,

The projects were selected in accordance with five fundamental principles of sustainable construction. These include:

1) "Progress": Innovation and the ability to apply - project updates, advanced approaches and demonstrate progress.
2) "Population": ethical standards and social equity - the social significance of the project is the big attention to working conditions of the workers and the entire process is based on the principles of social equality.
3) "Planet": Ecological quality and resource efficiency - efficient use of natural resources in the project life cycle, minimum impact on the environment, support of alternative energy and new technologies usage.
4) "Development": The economic indicators and compliance -suitable both economically and innovative, economy of financial resources as well as comply with the limits of requirements and restrictions in construction period.
5) "Professionalism": Context and artistic impact - to meet approved project architectural and aesthetic attractiveness values.

The first place award, "National Holcim Awards Gold" - 3000 manat, the second place "National Holcim Awards Silver" - 2000 manat, the third-place "National Holcim Awards Bronze" - 1,000 manat awards reached their owners.