Bulk cement portfolio


Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC all product types are certified and meet European standard EN 197-1. Additionally our Solid Plus complies with the requirements of GOST 22266-94 for sulfate resistant cements, which is certified by the Cemiscon Product Certification Agency in Moscow and tested in USA


Garadagh Ekspert                                            Garadagh Ekspert Plus                                 Garadagh Solid Plus   


Highly durable portland cement with          High-strength pure                                        ​High level strength                                        

active mineral admixtures                            portland cement                                             


-The high-strength of produced concrete        -Possibility to slightly decrease expenses       -High level of structural integrity of concrete

-Easy adaptation of chemical additives            on water reducing chemical admixtures         -Durable to chimical aggressive environment 

                                                                        due to high strength of the cement                  

                                                                        -Ideal for adding other mineral components     

                                                                         on site for even better performance

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